Can you imagine wat your future will look like?

VR Beyond Fun

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, collectively called XR, are all technologies that are developing at a breakneck speed. XR technologies have tremendous potential for all kinds of organisations. It’s certainly not just for gaming and entertainment anymore.

Thus, it’s time for VR Beyond Fun.

XR technologies have applications in almost every industry, such as: architecture, automotive industry, sports training, real estate, mental health, medicine, health care, retail, space travel, design, engineering, interior design, television and film, media, advertising, marketing, libraries, education, news, music, and travel.

VR increases engagement

At the VR Lab we have all the facilities we need to let you experience various VR applications. And we can do this with various kinds of hardware. From smartphone based VR via the cheap and user-friendly Oculus Go and Oculus Quest devices to the powerful Oculus Rift (S) and HTC Vive (Pro) and finally to Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens.

Contact us to organise a workshop at the VR Lab. We can also come on-site to let you, your members, your staff or your customers experience VR. Everything is possible, from setting up a demo booth to providing an in-depth dive into VR.

Experience VR is believing VR!

Virtual Reality can help your organisation address various challenges you’re facing. Maybe you want to provide your sales people with an excellent and modern sales tool. Or you may require new ways to educate your own personnel, the general public or your clients. Whatever it is, VR increases engagement and commitment, it can improve productivity or it can sell your product or service.

VR Lab can translate your goals to Virtual Reality. VR Lab lets you reap the benefits of VR, AR or MR. Come and experience how VR can benefit your organisation!