For Kunstnacht 2017 VR Lab developed a game in which you can remodel the cityscape of Nijmegen, using some of the world’s most iconic structures.

The VR Application

“Game: Architecture” is an experience where you can throw away iconic buildings (quite literally so) of Nijmegen’s city centre and replace them with iconic alternatives from around the world. Doing so gives an insight into the ever-changing city and forces the player to rethink his or her ideal for Nijmegen. Will Nijmegen remain Nijmegen when you replace its landmarks? During the “Nijmeegse Kunstnacht 2017” (Nijmegen Night of Arts) approximately 70 people have had the chance to replace various features of Nijmegen. Some people enjoyed putting the grand Golden Gate bridge across the river Waal, replacing the current bridge. Others couldn’t wait to get rid of the Holland Casino building, replacing it with the iconic building of the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The Client

VR Lab has developed the ‘Game: Architecture’ VR application for the ‘Kunstnacht 2017’ in Nijmegen. The development of the game was commissioned by the Architectuurcentrum Nijmegen (Centre of Architecture Nijmegen) and Cultuur op de Campus (Culture on Campus of the Radboud University).

This “game” is meant as an experiment to see which parts of the city players will touch and which parts they will leave intact.


For this project, VR Lab partnered with Silvr. VR Lab was responsible for concept development, graphic modelling and design work. Silvr was responsible for the software development in Unity.

It was a challenge to make this game modular, but we achieved just that! It will be relatively easy to replace Nijmegen with another city and to add other landmark buildings.


Because the game has a modular design, it can be extended (with relative ease) with other buildings, cities and alternatives. It can also be used in spatial development and planning, where planners and citizens alike can directly see the impact of a planned building on the surrounding area.