VR Lab is located in Nijmegen

City of Nijmegen

The VR Lab is located at the Honig complex in Nijmegen. The former Honig factory is the hotspot for entrepreneurs and creative people in Nijmegen. The complex in the west of the city has a lot of character and is easily reachable from the centre of town. 

A great place

There are places to chill, have a lovely dinner or drink, to play sports, to buy bicycles, to shop, to make music and much more. It is a centre for technology, arts, culture and sport with weekly smaller and larger events. The Honig is the biggest facility at the so-called Waalfront and occupies approx. 33.000 sq. meters.

Honig complex

This place is positively buzzing with creativity and all kinds of exciting development are happening there all the time. It’s a place for startups to experiment and therefore fitting for a lab. Feel energized by the excitement of the place and feel supported by all that if offers.

Amongst our neighbors we find inspiring companies such as De Meesterproef, where you can enjoy a good meal, First Things First, a specialty coffee bar where you can find one of the best coffees in all of the Netherlands and Stoom beer&food, a brewpub where you can go for a proper drink, of course they brew their own beers, and some nice food.

A great place to be surrounded by great places to spend some time!

More about the Honig complex can be found here.