We are your partner for cutting edge VR solutions

VR lab works across a variety of mediums to create cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. We develop a broad range of solutions, from enterprise training simulations to innovative and engaging sales tools.

Virtual Life Support product launch

Virtual Life Support™ is a Virtual Reality CPR training module that prepares people to provide CPR in the real world. Existing CPR courses let you train your technique, but no amount of classroom training can truly prepare you for encountering someone unconscious on the ground.

About us

Through the VR Lab we want to promote and stimulate the development, knowledge and functional use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

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VR beyond Fun

Virtual Reality increases engagement and commitment, it can improve productivity or it can sell your product or service.

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VR Lab can help you explore what VR can mean for your business. You may already have a solid idea or you may want to discuss the possibilities with us.

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